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With the addition of over 1,100 Startups in 2019, India has continued to maintain its position as the third-largest Startup ecosystem in the world. However, for many years, entrepreneurship has largely remained a big city phenomenon. This despite the fact that a significant part of the population lives in smaller cities and rural areas. But this seems to be changing now as more people from Bharat are trying their hand at starting up. The Startups of smaller town face many issues right from infrastructure to mentoring, networking to funding. While many other issues have been addressed with the help of Incubators, Startup Enablers and MSME, but funding still remains the biggest challenge for many.

Therefore, Jabalpur Incubation Center and Incubation Masters, are introducing the flagship Funding Event of Madhya Pradesh “TRP - The Real Pitch”, where real investors, mentors and startups, all will be on a premium and credible Instant Funding Platform. This platform will feature a panel of expert mentors and investors who will invest in startups pitching in the event for funding. The Startups will make a handshake deal LIVE on the event, if any of the investor is interested. Startups will submit their applications online where a screening committee will select 30 startups for the pitch day. Then the pool of mentors will help these startups, preparing their pitch and make them ready for the Pitch Day before the investors.

The entire event will be streamed LIVE just so many aspiring startups and entrepreneurs can see and learn the valuation, pitching and funding process throughout the state.

Event Format


1000+ (target)



OTT Viewership

In discussion



Entrepreneurs pitching


Funding Target

30 Million

Startup Funding Cycle in TRP


Register & Submit information for screening


Investor readiness report lets you know the status of funding readiness of a company Selection of most fundable company by jury based on investor readiness report


Grooming session for the shortlisted companies

Pitch Room

To the investors without any distraction No preference to any companies, transparent and equality maintained

Due Diligence

Without any partiality on any stakeholders end Transparent yet detailed process



24th November 2020

Registration Opens

4th December 2020

Registration Closes

5th December 2020

Data Sharing

7th December 2020 – 19th December 2020

Grooming Sessions


Pitching Session


Do you have any questions?

It will be a closed room pitching.

The whole pitch is of 10 minutes - 7 minutes for pitching and 3 minutes Q&A.

You will be presenting your startup idea to an Investor pool.

No, You can pitch only one idea.

For further queries, you may reach out to us at

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