WMF Inaugural Summit 2021

The world’s third-largest startup ecosystem has been churning out successful startups at a faster pace than ever before, but this success—just like other industries in general—is heavily skewed towards men and the economic development of any country cannot be achieved without active participation of women in all aspects of life. In an effort to address this issue, Jabalpur Smart City Limited comes up with “Women Move Forward (WMF) 2021”.

5 days inaugural program to kick start the ambitious initiative of Women Entrepreneurship Development Cell of Jabalpur Smart City Incubation Center & Incubation Masters, which aims to create 100 new Women Entrepreneurs from Jabalpur and Madhya Pradesh.

The association also offers to provide FREE digital support to these entrepreneurs which includes website creation, e-commerce platform, digital creatives, social media handles or any other digital support they need.

Join this initiative today!

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