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Jabalpur Incubation Centre is innovatively designed and operated by the Jabalpur Smart City Limited (JSCL), Madhya Pradesh State Government Company. Our goal is to help every entrepreneur (and aspiring entrepreneur) connect with the people, places, and events around them. More connected entrepreneurs are more successful entrepreneurs! The Jabalpur Incubation Centre platform is built on an infrastructure of the best community, network and efficient access to capital to support you as you build your company. The most promising Incubation Center of Central India is manged by Incubation Masters. JIC is a unique community of mentors brought together to advise, share, and collaborate with you on your terms. This community is where you often get your first customers, unfettered smart feedback, and a playbook of tried and tested tactics you can apply to your business. With regular events, internal networks and support systems, our mentor community will be one of your greatest assets. We know how frustrating the fundraising process can be and how speed to closing is a winning factor. We are committed to helping you gain that competitive advantage. Once we have made our initial investment, we make sure we get you on course to achieve your next round of funding and meet expectations to secure interest and investment from leading investors across the globe.

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